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The Smart Grid is not simply about technology. It’s about using the technology to unlock opportunities.

Tantalus' goal is nothing less than to provide utilities with the intelligent communications infrastructure that enables sophisticated grid monitoring, automated control of applications and apparatus, and a range of conservation and cost saving initiatives including load control, tiered pricing, online consumption profiles, and in-home energy displays.

TUNet offers the rich functionality to enable utilities to transform the energy distribution system and the way they deliver services. It gives utilities a newfound ability to dynamically, reliably and economically maintain the critical balance between electricity supply and demand. Furthermore, it enables utilities to provide their customers with the knowledge and tools they need to make intelligent decisions on when and how they consume electricity.

TUNet is Smart Grid technology that helps utilities and consumers curb costs and consumption. By altering, even slightly, the consumption and management of electricity and other resources, both economic and environmental benefits are within reach, including a reduced need to build new power generating facilities (which saves billions of dollars in taxpayer money) and a significant reduction in practices that are harmful to the environment.

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  • Two-way network for full Smart Grid functionality:
    - Advanced Metering (AMI)
    - Demand Response (DR)
    - Distribution Automation (DA)
  • Supports electric, water & gas metering; any combination
  • Scalable, reliable and flexibly deployed
  • Easy integration with utility business, operations and customer service applications


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