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Achieving significant reductions in energy consumption requires a sea change in how energy is used and valued.

Effective energy management depends on a steady stream of information that enables a utility to closely monitor individual and aggregate consumption, and control the tens of thousands of meters and infrastructure devices that make up a distribution system.

The Tantalus Utility Network – TUNet® – is Smart Grid technology that provides the data needed for timely billing, optimal system performance and progressive conservation initiatives including load shedding and customer signaling. It’s a two-way, near real-time communications network that enables a utility to precisely monitor consumption and power quality, instantly pinpoint outages and energy losses, and remotely manage meters and other apparatus, even in the most challenging environments.

With this information in hand, a utility can stabilize fluctuating demand on an over-burdened grid, introduce truly equitable billing programs, and automate practices and processes that sap money and resources. Moreover, TUNet delivers the data that enables consumers to make informed decisions on when they purchase energy so they can lower costs as well as play an active role in conservation efforts.

Tantalus provides functionality, flexibility, reliability and field proven performance. That’s why utilities across North America depend on TUNet to turn the promises of the Smart Grid into a reality.

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  • Vast Coverage
    To enable utilities to efficiently and economically serve urban, rural and industrial accounts using minimal infrastructure
  • Low Cost of Ownership
    To ensure a robust business case and provide ongoing value to the utility
  • Total Private Control
    To ensure the data network meets the demanding life cycle, security and reliability requirements of utilities
  • Data Capacity
    To meet the multi-application requirement of utilities including AMI, DA, DR and other future applications that may ultimately contribute to the Smart Grid

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