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There is no consensus on what constitutes the Smart Grid. And it will likely be a long wait before a definition is agreed upon.

Some see it as a way to automate the collection of energy consumption data. Many envision it as enabling technology that gets utilities and consumers working together on energy conservation through load control and pricing schemes whereby consumers are billed according to what they use and when they use it. For others, the emphasis is on obtaining granule level system performance data so a utility can optimize maintenance and management of its distribution network.

Tantalus sees the Smart Grid as all this and more. TUNet was designed as a comprehensive platform to support the three essential Smart Grid capabilities – Advanced Metering, Demand Response, Distribution Automation. But we also built it to to support new technologies and applications such as Distributed Generation that will require even greater intelligence, robustness and reliability.

Tantalus delivers the information and provides the tools needed to act upon it in a timely and effective manner. Easy integration with critical utility applications such as billing, CIS, OMS, GIS and MDM allows you to leverage the full value of the data throughout the utility. Scalable capacity, standards based code, multi-commodity support and vendor neutrality provide a strong, yet flexible foundation for growth.




  • Single system for all Smart Grid functions:
    - Advanced Metering (AMI)
    - Demand Response (DR)
    - Distribution Automation (DA)
  • Supports electric, water & gas metering – any combination
  • Scalable " plug & play" network; flexibly deployed in high density urban and challenging rural areas
  • Supports residential and C&I metering
  • Easy integration with backend utility applications
  • Surgical deployment enables utilities to implement functionality at its own pace & accelerate ROI

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