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Unlike systems built solely for basic data collection, TUNet is a single network designed to provide all the versatility, reliability, security and scalability required by the Smart Grid.

It is the backbone for sophisticated monitoring and automated control of applications & apparatus. It also supports progressive conservation & cost saving initiatives that can include load control, tiered pricing, pre-payment, online consumption profiles and in-home energy displays. TUNet provides the data communications capabilities that utilities need now with the flexibility to scale and adapt as the Smart Grid matures.

Built for the Smart Grid

  • Two-way, near real time communications network to support Advanced Metering (AMI), Demand Response (DR) and Distribution Automation (DA)
  • Multi-commodity network for electricity, water, steam, gas and propane
    – meter manufacturer independent
  • Supports residential (singlephase) and Commercial & Industrial (polyphase) metering

Hybrid Communications Network

  • WAN options include RF 220 MHz, 900 MHz, Fiber (FTTH / FTTP), WiFi & GPRS:
    - leverage existing networks or mix-and-match communications options
    - easy evolution to broadband network when more capacity required
  • Intelligent LAN; self-initiating and self-healing network:
    - TUNet endpoints automatically connect to network and find alternate route if communications path is blocked; accelerates deployment and minimizes in-field maintenance
    - hierarchical network eliminates redundant meter messages and optimizes use of bandwidth
  • HAN connectivity via 900 MHz or optional ZigBee for communication with smart appliances

Scalability & Adaptability

  • Evergreen strategy for smooth, cost-effective system scaling, easy migration to future technologies
  • Standards based for integration with new and legacy applications
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades and device configuration on many products


  • Highly secure network to safeguard against cyber attacks and physical tampering
  • Security features built into key points within the network including end devices, communications system, gatekeepers and network server





  • In the near future, all North American utilities will adopt smart metering and the advanced metering infrastructure on which it operates. The more visionary will use the opportunity to implement a system that achieves operational and economic benefits, as well as positively influence the way consumers use and value energy.


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