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There are far broader benefits to AMI than simply automating meter reading and decreasing peak load.

Tantalus provides the tools and information that enable a utility to leverage the full potential of the network and achieve new levels in strategic, business, environmental and customer service effectiveness. TUNet features distinct technological and operating capabilities that allow a utility to tighten existing processes, offer new programs and services as well as respond to shifting external demands.

Minimal Infrastructure

  • Reduce time and cost of deployment; wireless network typically up & running within two days.
  • Plug & play network; TUNet enabled meters & endpoints automatically associate in the field eliminating the need for manual programming.
  • Network in place for future deployments; reduce cost of subsequent deployments and application add ons.
  • High capacity network to support data-intensive requirements of the Smart Grid - residential and C&I applications .

Surgical Deployment

  • Target accounts, areas of greatest need or opportunity such as high consumption C&I customers, areas with power quality issues or where energy theft is prevalent.
  • Match pace of deployment with Return on Investment; accelerate benefits and payback.

Device Addressing

  • Assign each meter to specific groups (e.g. billing route, substation feeder, TOU rate plan) and broadcast messages only to devices within each group.
  • Instantly query specific groups of devices or issue commands to select accounts, e.g. load shedding events or price level signals to Smart Thermostats.

Time Synchronized Network

  • Time is held to one second throughout TUNet network, which allows a utility to coordinate measurement and control actions such as load shedding events, system performance analysis and current load burden.

Condition Based Message Broadcasting

  • Event-driven "push" network automatically alerts utility of outages or other anomalies such as power quality disruptions; no device polling required.
  • TUNet only reports events that actually occur such as verifying which customers participated in a load shedding event so that a utility only needs to compensate those who took part.



  • Tantalus' vision of Smart Grid covers multiple layers of functional intelligence that provides real-time data, decision-making support analytics, and the ability to automatically enact actions that save money, save energy and improve reliability.

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