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Each utility has unique criteria which it needs to address in order to justify the technology investment and achieve bottom line results in operations, business performance, and customer service.

Economic Benefits

  • Cut costs – remotely perform many of the functions which once required on-site attention such as meter reading, move-in & move-out, power quality monitoring and disconnect/reconnect.
  • Private networkno unexpected rate increases or dependence on third-party communications provider; stabilizes network operating costs.
  • Deployment easeachieve fast, low-cost and long range coverage with minimal infrastructure via 220 MHz radio or leverage existing fiber, WiFi or cellular network. Two or more WAN options can operate simultaneously.
  • Better billingfaster bill remittance via streamlined invoice generation & ability to implement online billing; narrow billing cycles and accelerate the meter-to-cash cycle.
  • Smart evolutionmigrate to broadband network without a complete system overhaul; TUNet can grow with the grid and offers virtually limitless scalability.

Operational Improvements

  • Unified network – TUNet is a low maintenance network that supports multiple applications (billing, OMS, CIS) and resources (electric, water & gas) on a single platform.
  • Call centerreduce call center activity; quickly resolve customer inquiries through online access to detailed account profiles, consumption reports (individual, groups or aggregate), and usage information.
  • Data integrity – better information leads to more predictable power management and a reduced need for spot purchases. Utilities also gain the accurate and timely information required for regulatory reports.
  • Integrate information – establish a central data repository accessible across the enterprise. Combine data for efficient reporting & analysis. Eliminate need to maintain multiple systems stored in data silos.
  • Intelligent planning & maintenanceoptimize capital planning by accurately measuring  transformer, feeder & substation loading. Detect malfunctioning equipment before it fails.

Service Enhancement

  • End-to-end serviceprovide a uniform, high-level of service throughout a distribution area, even to the most remote endpoint.
  • Empower customers – introduce dynamic pricing programs such as TOU, CPP and RTP and monitor their success.
  • Clean & greenempower consumers with information that helps them better manage energy costs and use. Introduce load control and other initiatives that get people involved in conservation and cost containment.
  • Messaging & signalingUse the In-Home Display as a means to broadcast current energy rates or when curtailment events are in effect to all customers or defined groups of participants.
  • Tailored servicescreate attractive rate structures and offer value-added services by analyzing customer consumption patterns.




With TUNet, the business case drives deployment. Choose a full, partial or staged implementation based on your utility's budget, goals and project timing. Surgical Deployment allows a utility to capture big benefits early on and accelerate ROI by targeting high need, high return accounts first.

Low-cost, long-range coverage, multi-application support and true scalability enables a utility to introduce TUNet when, where & to whatever degree makes the most sense.

Name the pain. Name the opportunity:

  • Eliminate high cost reading routes to homes on the edge of a service area or at unmanned sites
  • Automate move-in / move-out procedures at apartment complexes
  • Target new subdivisions or industrial parks
  • Implement remote disconnect / reconnect at chronically delinquent accounts
  • Enact time-of-use billing and load profiling at industrial sites
  • Continuously monitor power quality at end-of-line locations to reduce sags and swells



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