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Tantalus provides interconnectivity between critical systems at municipal and cooperative utilities to improve the efficiency and reliability of distribution networks from a single network platform.

Tantalus is delivering measurable value to electric, water and gas energy providers across North America, Latin America and the Caribbean through thought-leading technology tailored specifically to drive down costs and streamline utility operations.

TUNet® – the Tantalus Utility Network – does much more than automate reads of electric, water and gas meters. It is a multi-application platform which enables a utility immediately leverage advanced data analytics to power applications in AMI, Distribution Automation, and Load Management & Control. Its embedded distributed computing and parallel processing capability allows TUNet to instantly pinpoint outages and track service restoration while monitoring power quality at every endpoint in order to locate power anomalies before they impact revenues or inconvenience customers.

Selecting the right AMI network is critical to the success of grid modernization initiatives. Tantalus is trusted by municipal and cooperative utilities to deliver proven performance along with the flexibility, affordability, scalability and interoperability needed to meet ambitious smart grid goals.



  • Unmatched Reach and Coverage throughout rural, suburban and urban geographies.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership with migration strategies to ensure a robust business case from day one.
  • Deep Data Analytics to ensure that data is transformed into actionable decision support metrics.
  • Inherently Futureproof design enables a utility to operate multiple applications simultaneously on a single network.

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