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The distribution grid is a utility's most valuable physical asset. The ability to monitor and control system infrastructure is essential in order to optimize the delivery of energy and ensure all equipment is operating at peak performance.

TUNet delivers information that helps utilities improve the reliability and power quality of their distribution system from the substation down through to transformers. It pinpoints faults and provides "root cause" information so that engineering staff can take appropriate corrective actions and often correct the problem from the operations center. As a result, truck rolls are reduced, the need to manually inspect and correct problems is minimized, and the performance and life span of existing equipment can be extended.

Improving system efficiency and reducing losses resulting from equipment malfunctions are goals of every utility. Tantalus provides the real-time information and automation tools needed to achieve better system performance through the ability to remotely monitor, coordinate and operate mission critical distribution components.

Furthermore, needs-based deployment of TUNet allows a utility to target the weakest links in its system first in order to accelerate the benefits of Distribution Automation.



  • Centrally monitor & control distribution network equipment:
    - Transformer Loading Analysis
    - Capacitor Bank Controls
    - Remote Switches
    - Relay Monitors
    - Recloser Controllers
    - Fault Indicator Monitoring Devices
    - Voltage Regulators
    - Remote Load Tap Changers
  • Identify faults in the distribution system; fast root cause analysis
  • Optimize capital planning by accurately measuring  transformer, feeder & substation loading

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