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Achieving significant results in energy conservation, reliability and cost containment requires utilities and consumers to work together as never before in managing resources intelligently.

When it comes to Demand Response, the first rule is that one-size-fits-all programs simply don't work. Each customer – residential as well as C&I – has their own cost, comfort and conservation motives which influence the decision to participate.

Tantalus designed the TUNet communications network and its energy management devices to support the full range of DR initiatives, from tiered pricing to load shedding to in-home signaling. This way, a utility can offer customers freedom of choice over when, how and to what degree they want to be involved in energy efficiency.

TUNet reduces the cost and complexity of Demand Response programs. Simple, fast and selective deployment removes the "hit & miss" variable. The group addressing feature enables it to define different load management, rate schedules and signaling schemes so consumers can select the program that best fits their lifestyle and cost saving goals. Two-way communication ensures that actions are executed rapidly and reliably. All events are time-stamped so a utility knows exactly who participated and for how long. With this information in hand, it can verify which customers participated in an event and for how long, and accurately gauge the success of a program.

Communication is the key to conservation. Tantalus gives utilities the tools and information needed to engage consumers in on-going energy efficiency, while providing the backbone technology that makes these programs a success.


  • Residential and C&I solutions:
    - Load Control Module
    - Programmable Smart Thermostat
  • Rapid execution of DR actions; TUNet verifies participation
  • Quickly, efficiently and selectively shed loads in order to save money or avoid blackouts
  • Engage consumers in conservation through online consumption monitoring, price signaling, and critical peak alerts via Web or in-home display
  • Create competitive DR programs tailored to specific demographics
  • Avoid power shortages or the need to purchase energy on the spot market
  • Defer investment in new equipment which would otherwise be needed to meet increased demand

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