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Global Warming, rolling blackouts, rising energy prices and an aging, frequently malfunctioning distribution system are front page news and at the top of the minds of utilities, governments and consumers alike.

The state of the electrical infrastructure in North America is not sustainable. Electricity consumption increased 25% since 1990, and continues to climb 2% a year. Increased consumption puts a heavy burden on coal burning plants. This unclean energy accounts for a significant amount of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, outdated and malfunctioning distribution infrastructure is degrading power quality and energy reliability. Energy theft approaches the level of credit card fraud and car theft, accounting for $6.0 billion a year in lost revenue.

The Kyoto Accord, the US Energy Policy Act, and Ontario’s Smart Metering initiative all intend to establish a culture of conservation. Tantalus provides the information needed to make these ambitious goals obtainable.

By lowering consumption and improving the management of electricity and other resources, both economic and environmental benefits are within reach, including a reduced need to build new power generating facilities (which saves billions of dollars in taxpayer money) and a significant reduction in wasteful practices that are harmful to the environment. The payoff is unprecedented control over the distribution network, a system which still largely relies on door-to-door meter reading and manual maintenance.

Rather than responding to events, Tantalus provides the information and tools a utility needs to proactively manage the distribution network, stabilize fluctuating daily demand, and resolve chronic revenue and power draining problems. For consumers, the big benefit is more reliable service and access to the information needed to lower energy use and costs by participating in conservation programs.

The Smart Grid is good for the environment...and for innovation.Tantalus and its utility partners have received several high-profile awards and recognition for success in clean and green initiatives that have also delivered business results.



  • Clean 50 - 2013
    Tantalus recognized for outstanding leadership in sustainable business
  • Deloitte Green 15 - 2012
  • NCTA Green Technology Company Awared - 2011
    Tantalus named a finalist as a top greentech company in North Carolina
  • GLOBE Foundation
    Environmental Award - 2010

    For success in commercializing technology that has a positive impact on the environment
  • Deloitte Green 15 - 2009
    Recognizing companies that deliver significant environmental impact and return on investment
  • IDC Top 10 Green IT
    Companies - 2009

    Tantalus Ranked among most promising Canadian IT companies in the cleantech space
  • Best Demand Response - 2005
    Awarded to Anaheim Public Utilities by the Energy Planning Network for its pioneering conservation initiative

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