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Harness the Power of Partnership: Tantalus and Itron deliver a seamless platform to unite existing electric, water, and gas ERT assets with cutting edge two way communcations and applications.

We’ve listened to the needs of the public power industry, and together, Itron and Tantalus have collaborated to deliver an integrated smart grid solution built on the foundation of our proven technology. Our solution offers you a multitude of operational and control benefits—with minimized entry and infrastructure costs. 

The solution combines Itron’s industry-leading electric meters (CENTRON II® & SENTINEL®) and water and gas modules (100W, 100W+ and 100G) into a powerful, next-generation smart grid platform—driven and unified by TUNet®, Tantalus’ premier communications network.

The result is a flexible and powerful network, tuned to meet the specific needs and challenges of your utility.

Visit www.itron.com/tunet to learn more about this joint solution for public power.

Tantalus and Badger Meter deliver a unified communications system to monitor and control electric, water, gas, steam and propane resources.

TUNet endpoint transceivers communicate with Badger Meter’s ORION® water, steam, gas and propane metering products, allowing them to interoperate on a single, unified network. Daily consumption and operational data is channeled directly to appropriate functions within each utility for integration into Badger Meter's ReadCenter Software, which includes billing, customer service, operations and other relevant applications.

The water and gas utility gains automatic meter reading for billing purposes and a range of performance measurements. A utility can then use this data to produce the following reports:

  • Customer Profiling
  • Daily Leak Detection Report
  • Daily Stop Meter Report
  • Daily Tamper Detection Report
  • High Consumption Report
  • Conservation Monitor Report
  • Area Leak Report
  • User-defined Reports

The Tantalus/Badger Meter alliance creates a practical, cost-effective system for utilities that manage multiple commodities or want to partner with other utilities in their service area in order to operate a common communications network. The result is reduced operational costs, advanced functionality, and the ability to efficiently manage the process through a single partner.



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  • Enhanced network coverage and connectivity
  • Exceptional control via real-tim, event-driven operations
  • Increased capacity to layer on additional applciations
  • Minimized costs and extended useful life of existing assets




  • Single network supporting water, steam, gas, propane and electricity metering
  • Network already established – flow meter signals automatically finds a path to TUNet (no site selection for collectors)
  • Easy migration from mobile to wireless system – no meter reprogramming
  • Good communication, even with pit sunk water meters
  • Daily reads from meters automatically delivered to utility
  • Enables a utility to create new rate structures and monitor conservation programs (e.g. odd / even watering days)
  • Compatible with Badger meters as well as water and gas meters from many other manufacturers

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