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TUNet is a single platform that leverages distributed computing and parallel processing to support multiple decision support applications. TUNet is robust, flexible and reliable, providing long-term business and operational value across all utility departments.

The core suite of TUNet applications includes outage management, power quality monitoring, remote meter reading (AMI), load management (DR) and grid optimization. Furthermore, TUNet is a platform designed to support emerging applications such as IoT-based edge computing, which will ultimately contribute to the Smart Grid of the future.

The TUNet Control Center (TCC) functions as a utility's command & control center. It is a high-performance, multi-application computer system that processes, routes and stores incoming data and issues outgoing commands within TUNet, as well as to third-party applications such as billing, CIS, GIS, OMS and MDM systems. Tantalus offers various sizes of network servers to meet the requirements of small, large and multi-commodity utilities.

Utilities use TUNet to drive coordinated action between devices and applications. Tantalus delivers the data and provides the tools required to optimize decision making across the entire distribution system. This allows a utility to leverage the full value of its information and use it to make the prompt & insightful engineering, operations and business decisions that help control costs, ensure reliability and manage energy intelligently.



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