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Tantalus makes energy efficiency programs and cost cutting initiatives practical through our interactive Demand Response products and applications.

We offer load control devices and in-home display modules that engage consumers in conservation by enabling them to quickly interact with the utility in the event of a system shortage or when faced with escalating energy prices in order to immediately reduce peak demand.

Utility staff control on & off cycling duration and signaling events via an easy-to-use Web interface. The highly configurable system allows a utility to tailor performance parameters to match customer preferences. A utility can offer customers a range of programs – ones that are in effect seven days a week as well as those only for weekdays or weekends. It can define winter and/or summer curtailment cycles, and even signal customers when the cost of electricity surpasses a specified level or if "clean & green" energy is on the grid.

TUNet confirms commands and action execution as part of the two-way system architecture; time-stamped messages verify start and stop time for accurate billing and reporting. An over-ride feature allows homeowners to opt out of an event at any time. TUNet only reports which customers participated (and for how long), so a utility can measure the success of each event, and determine which customers to compensate.

Surgical deployment of TUNet gives the utility the freedom to introduce DR to specific customer sectors – residential or commercial accounts, geographically or demographically defined. This allows a utility to develop a rich portfolio of demand-side programs so customers can choose the right one for their lifestyle, budget and conservation goals.




  • Supports active & passive Demand Response programs
  • Two-way, 24/7 connectivity enables a utility to react instantly whenever a critical event arises
  • Highly configurable & customizable – enables a utility to implement desired rate structures, load control programs, and user messaging
  • Supports over-the-air upgrades and programming via TUNet to extend features and change operating parameters
  • Time-stamped messages ensure that every event is logged for accurate billing
  • Provides maximum end-user flexibility with over-ride options

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