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Tantalus brings rapid and reliable two-way communications to solid-state and electromechanical electricity meters for residential and C&I smart metering.

TUNet meter modules enable a utility to automatically collect interval consumption data, precisely monitor power quality (voltage blinks, sags, swells) as well as instantly detect outages and verify restorations.

Two-way communication allows a utility to drive down costs by reading in/out customers from the operations center, troubleshooting problems remotely, and changing meter reporting parameters on the fly at all, individual or groups of accounts.

Tantalus delivers the data needed for Time-of-Use billing and the full range of Smart Grid functionality. Better information leads to more accurate billing, greater reliability and more accurate forecasting. The result is improved 24/7 operational performance, elimination of estimated bills and off-cycle reads, and superior service on every front, whether its for settling disputes or providing customers with up-to-the-minute usage profiles for better energy management.

TUNet-enabled meters automatically associate in the field via the 900 MHz LAN, so deployment is fast and simple. Meters communicate with other Tantalus devices such as Smart Thermostats and Load Control devices as well as gas & water meters to form a single, robust and secure communications network. This gives a utility the freedom to introduce advanced functionality where the needs are greatest or where the return on investment is most attractive.



  • Reports kWh consumption and voltage on request or in intervals as low as 15 minutes for singlephase, 5 minutes for polyphase
  • Meters automatically associate with other TUNet LAN devices; no manual in-field configuration
  • Multi-hop communications paths from meter to meter
  • Instant, field initiated outage alerts and restoration confirmation; non-volatile memory maintains data during outage
  • Reports voltage sags / swells / blinks for Power Quality Monitoring
  • Remotely programmable; adjust reporting specs without a site visit
  • Meter data easily incorporated into utility applications (billing, OMS, CIS) and web presentment tools
  • Under-the-glass design; meter modules come factory direct or can be retrofitted into existing meters
  • Supports both residential and Commerical & Industrial metering

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