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TUNet is an award-winning multi-purpose platform that enables Smart Grid applications for monitoring and control of electric, water, and gas municipal and cooperative utilities. TUNet combines FAN / LAN / Grid Edge components to create a platform that is fast and reliable, easy to deploy and scale, and can evolve step-by-step with the Smart Grid. This enabling communications network allows utilities to cost-effectively adopt new applications on a single platform, increasing the ROI of technology investments.

The Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet®) is a highly efficient Smart Grid platform that combines a flexible hybrid communications network with advanced applications that work together to reduce utility operational cost, improve system efficiencies, and improve customer service.

TUNet maximizes the benefits while minimizing the cost and complexity of grid modernization. It allows a utility to choose its preferred combination of communications options (IP-based: Fiber, WiFi, WiMAX, cellular; RF: 220 MHz & 900 MHz) to feed AMI data directly to advanced applications.

Tantalus leads in real-time integrations with leading industry systems such as billing, CIS, GIS and OMS to support TUNet applications such as power quality monitoring, time-of-use pricing, load management, and distribution automation. TUNet also enables grid optimization through applications that leverage layered connectivity and control at the edge of the network.

TUNet products and applications adhere to strict industry standards and function seamlessly in extreme environmental and operational conditions. It is specifically designed as a practical and affordable solution to serve utilities with diverse service territories ranging from densely populated urban centers, high demand industrial areas, to tough, rural territories.





  • Two-way, near real time communication to each meter and TUNet endpoint
  • Multi-application network for Advanced Metering, Demand Response, Distribution Automation, & Grid Optimization
  • Self-configuring, self-healing network for rapid deployment and minimal maintenance
  • Multi-commodity network for all energy and flow resources – electricity, water, steam, gas & propane
  • Supports multiple OEM meter types on the same network
  • Supports a range of WAN backhaul options: 220 MHz, Fiber (FTTH), WiFi, WiMAX, Cellular
  • Scalable network ensures easy migration path to future technologies
  • Time synchronized network for tightly coordinated load control and system performance monitoring
  • Highly secure AMI network
  • Integrated with broad ecosystem of partners


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