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In a world where global warming, rolling blackouts, rising energy prices and an aging, frequently malfunctioning distribution system are front page news, Tantalus works with utilities to improve resource efficiency, deliver reliable service, and streamline operations. We give utilities the tools and information they need to engage consumers in ongoing conservation efforts, and also provide the backbone technology that makes these programs successful.

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Tantalus is a growing, fast-paced, high-technology company with multiple offices, including in Canada (Burnaby, BC, and Ottawa, ON) and the USA (Raleigh, NC and Norwalk, CT).

Why Work with Tantalus

Our vision is to build sustainable utilities. We leverage technology to help utilities make smarter decisions. We achieve our vision by:

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Our Values


Our employees are collaborative and proactive.


Our employees thrive on new ideas, are inclusive and hold each other accountable.


Our employees are customer focused and adaptable.


Our employees are dedicated to continuous improvement.

The Tantalus Systems Experience

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