TRUConnect™ AMI

TRUConnect AMI is a multi-commodity, purpose-built industrial IoT network comprised of advanced smart meters and a wide range of intelligent connected devices to improve a utility’s resiliency, reliability and efficiency in a secure and affordable manner.

TRUConnect AMI delivers the necessary visibility and corresponding command and control of assets managed by utilities across the distribution grid – from the substation to distributed energy resources (DERs) located behind the meter – by harnessing the power of data.

By deploying TRUConnect AMI, utilities are empowered to coordinate their operations, control costs and enhance customer satisfaction while preparing for the adoption and integration of DERs. The modular design, compatibility and scalability of TRUConnect AMI provides utilities with the flexibility they need to meet near-term and long-term challenges while also planning for the future.

TRUConnect AMI Solution components include: 

  • TRUConnect Edge, an intelligent device that incorporates security-enhanced Linux-based computing on a powerful system-on-chip to support edge applications. TRUConnect Edge modules are integrated into meters manufactured by Itron, Landis+Gyr and Aclara. 
  • TRUConnect Network, a network of communications infrastructure devices that delivers unmatched reliability through a combination of “right-sized” field devices.
    • The TRUSense Gateway, a next-generation meter socket-based computing device 
    •  The VersaComms Gateway™ (VC), pole-mounted gateways that support multiple communications technologies (fiber, cellular, RF) 
  • Insight, a common user interface designed by utilities to manage all aspects of an AMI deployment and Tantalus’ suite of software applications and data analytics.

TRUConnect AMI offers a differentiated approach:

  • Meter interoperability through the support of a wide range of electric, water and gas metering solutions thereby mitigating the risk of vendor lock-in. 
  • Multi-commodity support through our TRUScan™ technology that is capable of reading and integrating data from a wide range of existing ERTs and MIUs to transform legacy one-way AMR systems into next-generation, robust AMI systems.  
  • Extending the life of existing assets by delivering reverse-compatibility through our system-on-chip to ensure utilities avoid the expense of stranded assets while future-proofing their investments.  
  • Flexibility in our networking capabilities that provides utilities the unique ability to migrate between communication technologies as advancements in those technologies are delivered and adopted 
  • Thought-leading power quality measurement and behind-the-meter control delivered through our TRUSense Gateway that provides substation measurements at the meter socket to identify issues, pinpoint stressed assets and improve overall reliability and resiliency metrics. With both utility-dedicated Wi-Fi and Homeplug 2.0 capabilities, the TRUSense Gateway enables utilities to establish their own connections securely and reliably, independent of the consumer’s Wi-Fi network, to an increasing number of smart devices to incorporate demand-side flexibility and time-of-use rate programs 
  • Unparalleled Data Management, through our TRUSync™ Grid Data Management software that offers utilities a truly interoperable system that is capable of integrating data captured by any device, any system and any vendor into other mission-critical systems.  

Benefits of the TRUConnect AMI Solution Include:

  • Supports the safety, prosperity and autonomy of the local communities served by IOUs, public power and electric cooperative utilities.
  • Helps these communities thrive by helping our utility customers power their economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social progress.
  • Ensures these communities are empowered to shape the future of their smart grids as the adoption of DERs, such as inverters for solar panels and storage devices, electric vehicles, and smart appliances impact the stability and reliability of the distribution grid.
  • Provides our customers with the flexibility and expandability they need to serve their communities today and well into the future.

TRUConnect AMI supports an ecosystem of partners to provide utilities with the flexibility to select the solutions that meet their needs.

Click here to download our Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Health White Paper and learn how we are confident that smart meters and other advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) present no measurable health effects.