Interfaces & Integration

No asset left behind, no community left in the dark.

Tantalus’ versatile, standards-based architecture enables utilities to innovate and keep pace with change.

TRUConnect™ delivers data in standard formats so that integration with backend utility software is hassle-free. The data is designed to interface with third-party applications to allow a utility to get more value from existing systems and adapt to ever-evolving demands.

Tantalus’ vision is to provide nothing less than a comprehensive utility communications system that integrates with the full range of decision supported applications, from billing to outage management, web presentment to load analysis, and more. With TRUConnect, a utility can incorporate meter data into existing support systems as well as into new value-adding applications.

In other words, Tantalus allows utilities to embrace the Smart Grid at their own pace, extend the life of their existing systems, and avoid needless rip-and-replace upgrades that other Smart Grid vendors often require.