Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform™

A Layered Approach: How TGMP™ Works

TGMP: A Layered Approach

Accelerate grid modernization with the Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform

In a recent survey, 93% of utilities said that modernizing their distribution grids was an important priority. The real challenge, however, is that utilities cannot modernize the distribution grid without truly interoperable data. To modernize the grid, utilities need to harness the power of data across all devices deployed throughout the entire distribution grid — which now extends from the substation to emerging devices located behind the meter.

The Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform (TGMP) is a technology architecture that provides a secure, flexible and affordable path to grid modernization by delivering true data interoperability across new and existing devices, systems and vendors. By accessing data from devices deployed throughout the entire distribution grid, TGMP delivers unprecedented levels of visibility, command and control to improve a utility’s operations.

The platform comprises several layers of technology, including:

  • Connected devices that deliver the right data at the right time to the right system – and are reverse-compatible with existing utility infrastructure. One of our most important devices, the TRUSense Gateway™, provides substation-level power quality measurement at the electric meter socket AND control of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), such as electric vehicle chargers, solar and storage inverters and smart appliances located behind the meter. The TRUSense Gateway ensures that no existing asset is stranded while creating a foundation for the future.
  • Communications, such as the TRUConnect Network which delivers the necessary flexibility and compatibility to evolve as the edge of the grid expands to include DERs deployed behind the meter. 
  • Grid data management, such as TRUSync Grid Data Management, our revolutionary grid data management system that automates the integration of all data across every device, system and vendor.
  • Software applications, such as TRUConnect AMI and TRUFlex Load+DER Management, that include an intuitive user interface and a customer portal that takes advantage of having all a utility’s data in one place.
  • Data analytics, such as our TRUGrid Transformer and TRUGrid Reliability analytics offerings that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to protect assets and prioritize investments, proactively anticipate critical problems before an event occurs and respond in real-time to problems.

Data-Centric, Not Device-Centric

Harness the power of data

The key to grid modernization is to harness the power of data from devices and systems deployed throughout the entire distribution grid. Grid modernization efforts must go far beyond next-generation devices by embracing a more holistic approach to accessing, transporting and analyzing data.

The TGMP is data-centric, not device-centric. While Tantalus offers a suite of cutting-edge and innovative connected devices, such as the TRUSense Gateway, a true platform must support connected devices and systems from multiple vendors through true, standards-driven interoperability.   

We integrate a suite of solutions, from Tantalus or third-party vendors, to support the modernization of the substations, distribution circuits and feeders, metering and DERs located behind the meter.

We accomplish this mission by leveraging a suite of solutions, including:

  • TRUConnect AMI, which is a next-generation, purpose-built industrial IoT network comprised of advanced smart meters and a wide range of intelligent connected devices to improve a utility’s resiliency, reliability and efficiency in a secure and affordable manner.
  • TRUSync Grid Data Management, the middleware layer between a utility’s connected devices and the software and analytics that uses the data those devices generate. TRUSync interconnects all devices and applications and manages the flow of data across the entire utility.
  • TRUGrid Automation, which leverages AI to pinpoint anomalies from power quality data to isolate failing assets and provide utilities with proactive insights to resolve vulnerabilities as they arise.
  • TRUFlex Load+DER Management, which helps utilities manage a wide variety of residential and commercial loads responsively, reliably and flexibly, all while reducing costs and providing a proactive path to implement demand flexibility programs.

Most importantly, our platform allows Tantalus to support utilities based on their current state of operations and gets them up and running as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Utilities can adopt the entire platform for a comprehensive grid modernization architecture or have the option of purchasing the specific elements within TGMP that they need. With this level of flexibility, utilities can meet their near-term and long-term needs – and are enabled to modernize their grids in a manner that aligns to their timing, resources and budgets. TGMP is backed by our commitment to ensure new capabilities are reverse-compatible with existing capabilities and coupled with a customer support team that has helped Tantalus achieve a retention rate of 99% of our customers over multiple decades. 

TGMP gives utilities everything they need to become more resilient, reliable, secure, affordable, flexible, and sustainable—which are the mission-critical pillars of grid modernization.