Doug’s career in the utility industry has spanned over 40 years. He joined Tantalus in 2022, through the acquisition of Congruitive/DC Systems. As Chief Solution Officer at Tantalus, Doug oversees Product Marketing and provides strategic vision for Tantalus solutions within traditional and new expansion markets. Prior to joining Tantalus, Doug founded DC Systems in 1990 where he served as President and CEO, overseeing all corporate operations. After the rebranding into Congruitive, he served as Founder, Chairman and CTO and oversaw the strategic product direction and architecture. DC Systems developed innovative software solutions for the electric utility operations market, in the areas of SCADA, substation and distribution automation, energy storage, renewable energy control systems, microgrids and edge computing. Prior to founding DC Systems, Doug served as CTO and Director of Advanced Logical Solutions, a manufacturer of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and utility data acquisition systems. Previous positions include Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Zendex Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial computing hardware; Vice President, Sales and Marketing for White Computer, and International Sales Manager for Micromation, both manufacturers of small business computers; retail management at Heathkit Electronics; and Manager, North American Sports Timing for OMEGA Electronics of Switzerland.