Harness the Power of Data and Modernize Your Distribution Grid

Tantalus is a technology company dedicated to helping utilities modernize their distribution grids by harnessing the power of data across all their devices and systems deployed throughout the entire distribution grid – from the substation to the EV charger located behind the meter. We offer smart grid solutions across multiple levels: intelligent connected devices, communications networks, data management, enterprise applications and analytics.

Accelerate grid modernization with the Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform™

The Tantalus Grid Modernization Platform (TGMP™) delivers unprecedented levels of visibility, command and control across a utility’s operations and provides a secure, flexible and affordable path to grid modernization. TGMP is a technology architecture designed to deliver true data interoperability across new and existing devices, systems and vendors.

While Tantalus offers a suite of cutting-edge and innovative connected devices, our approach is to integrate a suite of solutions, from Tantalus or third-party vendors, to support the modernization of substations, distribution circuits and feeders, metering and DERs located behind the meter.

TGMP offers utilities a flexible approach to provide utilities with autonomy and control of their grid modernization journey. Coupled with an unwavering commitment to ensuring our solutions are reverse-compatible and a customer support team that has helped Tantalus achieve a retention rate of 99% of our customers over multiple decades, we seek to serve as a true partner to the utilities we support and to the communities they serve.

Our Solutions

We’re focused on empowering grid modernization. Tantalus helps utilities “Harness the Power of Data” and digitize and modernize their distribution grids

Introducing the TRUSense™ Gateway

Accelerate Grid Modernization and DER Integration
The TRUSense Gateway represents a first-to-market offering that supports the convergence of four major initiatives across the utility industry, including:
  • Delivering next-generation AMI by accessing the benefits of AMI 2.0 without having to replace existing metering infrastructure
  • Providing grid optimization by capturing and analyzing advanced power quality measurements at the meter socket to improve the performance of existing infrastructure and prioritize investments to sections of the grid that are most vulnerable 
  • Integrating DERs located behind-the-meter, such as electric vehicle chargers, solar and storage inverters, smart circuit breakers and smart appliances  
  • Enhancing broadband initiatives by leveraging fiber investments to connect and backhaul data from existing meters and power optical network terminals delivering broadband services to the home 

Unlock the Future of Energy with Tantalus.

We are focused on empowering utilities to modernize their grid by Harnessing the Power of Data.

Case Studies

Utilities are working with Tantalus to achieve greater operational efficiencies to better serve their communities. Their stories are here. We hope you become one of them.

BrightRidge Utility

Tennessee utility seeing unexpected benefits from AMI

Appalachian Electric Coop.

Surgical TUNet deployment in challenging rural terrain

Entegrus (formerly Chatham-Kent Hydro)

Full-scale smart metering at Ontario utility

EPB Chattanooga

America’s fastest Smart Grid


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